Thursday, July 5, 2012

Note to Self

Having just celebrated my birthday, July marks the start of a new year for me and with it comes the resolve to lose those 25 pounds that I think only show in the shower and in photographs.  These extra pounds that I have added to my body while doing the only exercise to which I am unfailingly faithful--that of lifting the fork or spoon from the plate to my mouth--and which never, ever show in everyday activities (of course they don't).  Once I "suck it in," while scrutinizing myself in my full-length wardrobe mirror, I am good to go for the entire day.  My wardrobe mirror may be a bit warped, however, because other mirrors--especially in department stores' dressing rooms--seem to show my mid-section in three sections, and my behind to be a bit wider and to segue into my generous thighs.  And this of course would explain the tightness of the outfit I currently have tried on.  And how much longer can I blame the dryer for the problems I have with the clothes already in my closet?!

So, I am doing a total reality check this morning.  I've written a note to myself and as an underscore, I'm posting it:

Self, you are fatYes, you are happy and yes, you deserve to be wined and dined; also, yes, you have worked hard all your life--as a wife, as a mother, as a working woman, as a divorcé trying to make ends
meet, as someone who survived bad times and who has finally emerged financially comfortable with few needs and wants and unlimited gifts that money cannot buy.  However!  Get over the cuisine reward-time!  Over-feeding yourself is not good for you, girlfriend!  And not putting exercise up there with the twice-daily ritual of brushing your teeth is not only foolish, but it will shorten your life!  Get off the couch, step away from the computer--and don't go back there unless you first set a timer to less than 30 minutes.

Today is truly the first day of the rest of your life, so change for a better you!  Give yourself the best reward--looking and feeling good--because you deserve it.  If you can accomplish all that you have these past years, you can certainly do thisDo

How's that for a birthday gift?!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    When I retired I promised myself that I would get in shape and live a more healthy life. I started jogging and became obsessed with it. Funny thing was that I did not lose much weight because I always rewarded myself for living through all that walking and running. A few M&Ms here, a Milky Way there, and then all of a sudden it was "super-size me" food.

    My son took pictures of me last year while we vacationed at a beach. When I saw the photoes, I was stunned that it was me. They say pictures put on 5 lbs, but that did not explain that big butt that all of a sudden had appeared. I also was not feeling too well and the pains and aches seemed to becoming more frequent. Last fall, I joined Weight Watchers on line. Now, I have been down that road many times, as a matter of fact I have my PHD in WW. I always lose my 15 lbs and keep it off for a year or two, only to gain it back plus a few more. This time though, I made up my mind to lose it and keep it off. It has been 9 months and I have lost (slowly) 22 lbs and 2 dress sizes. Even though I am no longer on the diet, I have had no trouble keeping the weight off. I have found something to do that makes me proud of myself (volunteering), I am conscious of what I eat and know to substitute, and most of all, I keep myself busy and away from the refrigerator. I do feel better in so many ways, although some of those pains and aches still do come. However, wearing an 8 petite size after all these years brings my spirits up and makes my days a little brighter. It is about accomplishment and not giving in to life and settling just because I have grown older.

    So next year I might climb Mount Kilimanjaro or maybe just swing on a swing and be happy that I don't have to worry about breaking it.

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