Thursday, April 8, 2010


I retired last June. After what seemed a lifetime of working, I got off the merry-go-round. The time was right: I was old enough to collect a nice pension and Social Security. Not only that, the amount that I would "bring home" as a retiree was more than my net as an employee. In this economy, it was a no-brainer!

So, I stepped off the edge and began the free-fall. But "I am flying!" has slowly evolved into "Where the heck am I going?"

I am busy. I am extremely active in two organizations. I tackle projects I promised I would do when I had time. I have lunch with the girls. I work out. I have researched my ancestry. But I am no longer challenged. I no longer experience the level of stress that propelled me to do awesome things. And I wonder, "Does anyone else feel this way?"

So I have decided to blog. I will ramble (see title!) about lots of things that occur to me as I go through the days of my new life. These days that have no real deadlines, no evaluations, no pressure. I will be positive, however--I have no complaints about the country going to hell in a handbasket (well I DO, but this is not the venue), nor will I harp on the way kids are today. I will not be like the older generation (thank God there is still a generation older than mine!). This is going to be a fun blog spot! Comment if you like, or just read (it would be more fun if you would comment).


  1. Gretchen I like your writing style, very open and honest with the ability to laugh at yourself. I've found blogging is helping me keep the creative side flowing. In that regard it doesn't really matter if anyone reads it, but it helps. From one blogger to another, keep writing it helps with the living. Mike

  2. Thanks for writing! You understand that while the writing is enjoyable in and of itself, it IS nice to know that other people are reading what you write and liking it! Nice to hear from you.

  3. Welcome to Blogville. I decided when I retired that I was going to blog and, so far so good, I have been fairly faithful. It helps keep my brain alive. Not entirely sure that anyone is reading but I am sure that I am writing and, since I am married, I am sure you can appreciate that I need someone to talk to even if it is myself.
    Loved the piece about senior discounts. They started offering me the discount when I was in my 40's. That's what white hair can do for you. Unlike yourself, I just let it go white. I decided that if they were rude enough to offer me the discount I was entitled to receive it. Sort of a "pre-aging" discount.
    Thanks for being there....I'll be back.

  4. It has taken me a while to find other retirement sites where people reflect on the present and the past. Time seems to be going very fast. I hope your life is healthy and long. So you can continue to sing your song (I get caught up in poetry some times. May the force be with you